Meta Manager

Meta Manager FAQs

What are the minimum requirements?
Windows/Linux Operating system. Tomcat 7.x/8.x, JDK 6/7/8
What are supported databases?
SQL Server 2005/2008/2008r2/2012, MySQL 5.x/6.x
How can I scan the database?
Define the datasource connection details and scan the database using the appropriate options. Use the left menu bar options to start scanning the database.
Can I automate the scanners?
Yes, you can define the database scanners details and schedule it to run on daily/weekly basis.
Do I need to download any other softwares?
Can I scan metadata from unstructured datasource like files, documents, etc., ?
Using OLEDB, you can scan the documents and index them, and start searching the content in them.
My environment is Linux, Java, Oracle. How can i run this product?
This is java based application. It can run on any platform.
How easy to use this application?
Application is easy to install and use. Doesn't need any training.
Can I create my own scanner and use it?
No, but in future we will provide that option to use your own scanners.
Can I create custom reports?
Yes, using reports feature you can create reports on metadata objects. You can even publish the reports.
Now this product will be helpful to datawarehouse team?
Datawarehouse team can retrieve the production databases and store the metadata, create definitions, search them to analyse the OLTP structure. data dictionary is a important for datawarehouse team to build the EDW solution.
Can I restrict senstive metadata objects to be viewable by certain users?
Yes, you can define permissions on certain metadata objects to be viewable by set of users. You can define various users, roles and permissions to control the security.
Who can benefit from the product?
Developers, DBAs, Managers, Business Users, Database Architects, Datawarehouse team, etc.,
Can I impact analysis on metadata?
How can I improve the data quality?
Do a impact analysis and generate some reports for improving the quality and consistency of the data.
How do I maintain/ manage the versioning of metadata?
Set the appropriate options in admin panel to retain the versions of the metadata. By default, only the latest version of the object is kept.