Meta Manager

Product Details

Meta manager is fast, reliable and affordble. Metadate repository tool purpose built for simplifying Metadata management solution. Metadata is built with an intuitive GUI which lets you retrieve, organize, access and share metadata information in a secure and easy way. Metamanager supports various databases includes SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase etc.,


  • Retrieve the metadata from various RDBMS include Sql Server, MySQL, Oracle.
  • Search/manage the metadata in the metadata repository.
  • Document the metadata.
  • Maintain the different versions of the metadata using versioning feature.
  • Generate the reports from metadata repository in verious formats.
  • Compare the databases.
  • Generate and publish data dictionary to technical and business users.
  • Manage the business rules/terms and publish them.
  • Scheduled scanning and reporting.
  • Discussion thread on meta objects.
  • Export the reports to various file formats.
  • Scan and store the metadata from Non-RDBMS systems


  • Installation is easy and immediately you can start retrieving the objects from various databases.
  • You can store the metadata repository in any database of your choice (SQL Server or MySQL).
  • You can search metadata from the metadata repository.
  • Various employees in your organisation can be benefited from our data dictionary solutions. DBA's can search/view the metadata and perform impact analysis of various database objects like stored procedures, views, columns, tables, etc., Business users can document the business rules, terms and manage them. Managers can go through the version control of metadata in your organisation.
  • You can generate the reports from metadata repository. You can even publish the reports and assign approximate permission for certain users to view them.
  • It will help Datawarehouse to view the data dictionary of production databases. datawarehouse team can retreive the production database design and review their metadata information and even they can enter some comments and make the metadata documented.
  • You can publish the metadata to various users in your organization. As a DBA, you can publish the data dictionary of the database structure. It will help as a developer to understand more about columns, tables, etc.,
  • You can review the various versions of the metadata using our change management feature.
  • Database Administrators, Developers can view/understand the complete structure of the database. Also, should be able to compare the two different databases.